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   Laurel Hill Woodworking is located on Laurel Hill road in beautiful Vernon Pennsylvania.   We sell everything from picture frames to mouldings and solid wood desks to complete custom cabinets and country furniture.   We've been producing and selling pieces that we are proud to put our name on for 19 years and recently decided to expand our business to the online community.

  We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Pennsylvania as both a wholesaler and for retail sales. This enables us the meet the needs of our commercial partners and also offer great price, quality, and selection to everyone else.

  Our wholesale business is primarily cabinetry and furniture sales. Right now we are looking to expand this product line over the next year.

  Our targeted demographic is NE Pennsylvania but we can ship anywhere in the continental US. The reason we are targeting only a small portion of PA is simple. Shipping! The products we offer are generally large and/or heavy. In many cases, it will cost our customer more to ship an item than the item cost to purchase. We do however have some options that might work for you. If you are a PA, NY, or NJ customer and are interested in shopping with us please give us a call. We may be able to offer job site delivery and pick up is always an option. Please call us to discuss delivery options that work for you.  


  Please enjoy our site and if you have any questions, please contact me.





Dennis Eaton

Master Woodworker

Laurel Hill Woodworking LLC


(570) 239-6616

Laurel Hill Woodworking
(570) 239-6616

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